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  • Angel Kigurumi Costume

    Angel Kigurumi Costume Whether you’re dressing up for a Halloween party or hanging out with friends, this adorable Angel Kigurumi costume is a perfect way to add a little fun to your life Fox Onesies It’s made from warm and durable fleece, and it’s also perfect for group events. Easy to wear Getting a kigurumi […]

  • Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gundam Kigurumi

    Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gundam Kigurumi During my childhood, I had an obsession with Gundam Kigurumi. This was mainly due to the fact that I was a big fan of anime. As a result, I was very captivated by the show and wanted to collect all the figures that I could. However, I […]

  • How to Wash Kigurumi

    How to Wash Kigurumi Whether you are trying to shave off the pilling from your kigurumi or you are trying to wear your kigurumi for a party, there are a few tips you need to know to get it ready Adult Onesies Using a kigurumi anime for a variety of situations Whether you are celebrating […]

  • Among Us Kigurumi

    Among Us Kigurumi Among Us Kigurumi is a company that has been in business since 2007 Dinosaur Onesies It started out as a small shop, but now is one of the leading companies in the business. The company offers licensed kiguurmis that can be used by children all over the world. In addition to kigurumis, […]

  • Mega Man Kigurumi

    Mega Man Kigurumi Whether you’re a fan of the mega man game, or you’re simply interested in purchasing some kigurumi for your child, there’s a lot to love about these fun characters Doraemon Onesies There are many different types to choose from, and they all come in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to […]

  • Monokuma Kigurumi

    Monokuma Kigurumi Those that are looking for a great gift for someone who loves Danganronpa will be happy to know that they can get their hands on a kigurumi version of the popular character Cartoon Onesies The onesie is inspired by the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc anime and is available in one size. It fits […]

  • Getting Dressed Up in a Kigurumi Anime Head

    Getting Dressed Up in a Kigurumi Anime Head Having a kigurumi anime head is a great way to celebrate your love of anime Green Aliens Onesies Whether you are at a convention, music festival, or simply watching anime on television, it’s always a good idea to have some type of costume on. A kigurumi anime […]

  • Sazac Walrus Kigurumi One-Piece Halloween Costume

    Sazac Walrus Kigurumi One-Piece Halloween Costume Those who want to look like a walrus can try the Sazac walrus kigurumi one piece costume Chipmunk Onesies This costume is a great choice because of the design, size and quality. This kigurumi costume is one of the best choices you can make for a summer outfit. Size […]

  • SAZAC White Unicorn Kigurumi

    SAZAC White Unicorn Kigurumi Whether you want to dress up as a white unicorn or you are looking for a gift for a friend, you will find that this product is the perfect choice Character Onesies This kigurumi comes with a pink tutu, pink legs, and a white head. Moreover, the costume is made from […]