Adult Animal Kimono Dress – Kimono Cloth

From Japanese home games to popular characters from famous Japanese animation movies, adult animal kigurumi (fanciful dress up) are a great way to express yourself artistically. The cute, fantasy-like cuteness of the kimono and matching slippers make for a great theme. But if you want to dress up as something else entirely, then why not try the many different Japanese anime cartoon characters like Alice in Wonderland, Hello Kitty, Cinderella or even the series Star Wars?

Adult Animal Kimono Dress - Kimono Cloth
You can find adult animal kigurumi on many sites on the internet. However, since these types of costumes are so popular, there are usually tons of competitors putting their own versions of the kimono, making it hard for one site to really stand out. One site that definitely has lots of kimono models for your browsing pleasure is kimono-kawaii. They have several versions of the traditional Japanese kimono. Some are very cute and feature the traditional Japanese knot patterns, but others are a bit more risque (therefore not as cutie as the previous two sites).

If you want a more risque design, then you can try looking at the Princess Cats costume. It features a kimono with a skirt and has one of the characters from the movie hanging from it. The cat is smiling, and it looks just like the traditional cutie. This one is a little more risque than the previous two, but still fun to wear. Again, you’ll be competing with other anime fans, which can be quite a competition at times!

And finally, if you are the closest to an anime character or live in a city that has an anime fan scene, then dressing up in an anime kimono would be a great idea! A white kimono (with a few flowers or characters on it) makes a great anime costume, and you can also get one that says something about you (just like the kimonos we saw earlier). I actually own a kimono I used in a party once because it said, “I love my dad” on it! It was awesome! Plus, these things are usually pretty cheap, so you could probably buy one for under $20!

With adult animal kigurumi, you need to know how to sew them, as the patterns are quite detailed. But if you have some experience doing this, you can make one for yourself. You can buy the actual fabrics online, or you can use a pattern you find online. If you are making your own, be sure to check the measurements out so that you know what size kimono you need to make it correctly.

As with any other type of sewing, the key is to start out simple and then work up to more complicated stuff. Use lots of seams and make sure that the pieces you are sewn together are all sturdy Once you are finished, be sure to give your kimono a good wash in the washing machine before hanging to dry. This would make the kimono last a lot longer!