Aggretsuko Kigurumi

aggretsuko kigurumi

Aggretsuko Kigurumi


During the early seasons of Aggretsuko, Retsuko had a boyfriend named Resasuke Squirrel Onesies The relationship started off well, but when Resasuke left, Retsuko had trouble adjusting to her new life. She felt as if she wasn’t able to communicate her feelings to Resasuke. In the end, she and Resasuke broke up.

During Season 2, Retsuko got back into the dating scene with a guy named Tadano. He was a member of a death metal band called RezoDrone. Initially, Retsuko and Tadano were friends, but Tadano had a hard time listening to her Cartoon Onesies He was also very absentminded, and he only responded to Retsuko’s death metal singing with a very underwhelming response. But after he started acting strangely around Retsuko, she started to lose trust in him.

When Retsuko found out about Tadano’s relationship with Fenneko, she started to doubt him. But Fenneko is very intuitive, and she can deduce the lives of her coworkers from their social media accounts. When Retsuko finds out that Tadano’s boyfriend Tsunoda has posted a selfie of them together, she starts to worry about them. She then decides to attend a single’s mixer as a bodyguard for Retsuko.

Retsuko’s boyfriend had a controlling, insecure attitude toward Retsuko, and she eventually realized that she wasn’t ready to be married. She also realized that her dreams of relying on someone else for money were unrealistic. But she still gave her boyfriend a chance, and they started going out again.

Retsuko is very kind and polite, but she also has a vicious tongue. She is slightly rigid, but has a great sense of humor. She wears a peach sweater with jewels around the collar. She has brown arms, brown legs, and light orange and brown striped fur. She also has white ears and pointed eyebrows. She also has a kanji for rage on her forehead. Retsuko is often seen crying and laughing maniacally. During Season 2, Retsuko also had a short relationship with another guy, but she didn’t have much success with him. He kept her isolated from her friends, and she was scared that he was controlling her.

Retsuko is also seen wearing a kigurumi, a Japanese costume that features an attached tail and a changeable face. Kigurumi are popular for their quality fabric, and they make excellent pajamas and loungewear. In the series, Retsuko also has a kigurumi with a kigurumi hood, which features an angry character face and tail. Sazac is one of the top kigurumi producers in Japan, and they make some of the most detailed and comfortable onesies around. If you’re looking for an interesting Halloween costume, consider a kigurumi of Retsuko.

Retsuko is also shown wearing a peach scarf and a navy blue skirt. In addition, she wears a light orange striped tail and brown and light orange striped fur. She also has pointed eyebrows, and her hair is brown.